Are you ready to "Follow Your Kind"?!
Wouldn't it be Cool if you could watch a simple act of Kindness Spread?
NOW YOU CAN! How does it work?
  • Each Tote Has Its Own Unique Number ​– (Which no one else can buy!)
  • Each Tote Can Be Tracked By logging into the Trackable Tote Forum, you will be able to tag the starting location of your tote, and watch as it spreads from person to person!
  • Pass it On​– Decide who you want to surprise with a Random Act of Kindness, then fill the bag and pass it on! (You'll get a FREE PDF with 50 ideas on how to fill your tote!!)
  • Instructions Are Attached- Each tote has it's very own instruction card attached to it, which stays with the tote.  That way each new person will know to fill it and PASS it on again!! 
  • Watch The Kindness Spread – Each gifter will be able repeat the process of tagging the tote's location, and sharing the story of how they are spreading kindness to others. Login to the forum at anytime and watch your tote's journey unfold! 
MSRP $21.99
NOW JUST $15.99
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You'll get MORE than just the Trackable Tote:
Bonus #1: 50 Ideas for filling and gifting your Trackable Tote!
This fun PDF will be ready for you to download once your order is complete! It will make starting this tote on it's journey a piece of cake!
Bonus #2: Access to the Trackable Tote Forum! 
This special forum will allow you to "follow your kind"! You will have your very own topic thread that matches your tote number, where you can check in on your tote's journey 24/7!
Bonus #3 An Invitation to PluckyTogether!
PluckyTogether is an exclusive Facebook community specifically for women who want to challenge themselves to greater levels of kindness! 
  What People Are Saying:
"...seriously love this idea."
K.O. -Washinton
"... oh my gosh, that was so much fun."
H.W. - Indiana
"...I love this idea. I love the whole pay it forward..."
A.L. - Indiana
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